Domestic Violence Facts

woman beating man with a shoe

All our lives, pop culture has assured us that men and masculinity are semi-literate brutes, who must be taught to curb their aggression… their “maleness,” lest they grow up and become… a rapist. How have these ideas been taught? It is in the pop culture we so eagerly consume. Books, magazines, movies, music, and marketing, all reinforcing each other with … Read more

Libertarianism’s Limited Appeal

The problem with Libertarian thought is that you must be reasonably intelligent to grasp the basic concepts. I do not know the minimum IQ required to “get” Libertarianism. However, 68% of all IQ test takers score somewhere between 85 – 115. Yet the number who identify as Libertarian is somewhere between 10% and 20% of the population. Additionally, the discovery … Read more