Privacy Policy / Terms of Service

This is my privacy policy: 

This web site is not a commercial endeavor. It is purely for my own edification. I do not keep your information.

I welcome your comments and participation. In the course of digitally interacting with any website, the content management system uses cookies to keep track of a visitor’s activity, and email address (or some other unique bit of data) to match the commenter with the comment. However, I (Ron Jones) do not harvest or use this information at all. I will not sell, share, or give your information to anyone for any reason, at any time.

These are my Terms of Service:

This site is built  WordPress, using the GeneratePress theme. The WordPress content management system uses cookies to keep track of user activity across a site.

I use Gravatar to display the photo/icon of those who leave comments on a post. If you have a Gravatar account, you already know how this works. If you do not use Gravatar, any comment you make will show a generic icon instead of your image.

I chose Google analytics to give me an idea of what content resonates with readers in the aggregate, and to get an idea where my visitors come from.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact me.