Christine Ford Didn’t Age Well

Fringe-left, activist lawyer Debra Katz let slip that Christine Blasey Ford was motivated to come forward with her baseless allegation by Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s reputed opposition to abortion. Judge Andrew gives a brilliant analysis of Christine Ford’s actions; as well as the possibly criminal behaviour of her attorney, Debra Katz. Even Ford’s own family seems to know she was not … Read more

That’s President Trump to You Snowflake

I began the 2016 election season, a Paleolibertarian (a conservative-libertarian). Nostalgic for the days of Ron Paul, I campaigned, and voted for Rand Paul in the Republican primary, only a little disappointed that he was not the perfect candidate. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the primary: Beginning a couple of months before the Republican primary, I began to … Read more

The Masculine Awakening

A ‘mid life crisis’ occurs when a masculine man who has followed the yellow brick road all the way to the Emerald City, only to discover that it is nothing but a grand deception. I specify “masculine” men in particular, because some men are so inured to the deception that they will fight to protect it. So many men labor … Read more