Arrogance and Cowardice

Back in 1994, I was thrilled at the prospect of finally being represented by a Congress that would lift this nation out of the gulags of onerous taxation, burdensome regulations and a tendency towards cultural suicide.

I eagerly awaited meaningful tax reform. After the Reagan tax cut, I’d had a taste of what life could be like, and I wanted to empower our new elected representatives to finish the job and cut taxes absolutely to the bone while eliminating spending down to what is specifically authorized. I even fantasized that they might bring our nations tax structure back into line with the Constitution.

Social Security was supposed to be completely overhauled. Like me, many would prefer that it be completely scrapped. The government has no business in the financial planning profession. As with anything government touches, social security is, and always has been, a lousy investment. You’d do just as well to build your nest egg buying tulip bulbs from a Dutchman.

Then there was education. It has long been time to eliminate the department of education as the failure that it really is. We’ve poured so much money per child into the school system that a first class gated-community private school would have been cheaper.

Although in 1994 the issue wasn’t the hot button it is today, illegal immigration was festering under the surface as well.

When Newt and the gang came to town I was about as excited as a human being can be. The very freedoms for which our forefathers had given their lives to win were at stake.

But, something happened on the way to the chamber…

The Republicans we campaigned for, got cautious, then they learned the art of compromise. It was then that they betrayed America, and betrayed our trust.

To a man, they abandoned the reform agenda that propelled them into power in 1994 and helped win George Bush the presidency in 2000.

They didn’t even mention Social Security reform, much less fight for it. We haven’t heard a word about real tax reform since Ronald Reagan left office. Sure, we got the Bush tax cuts, and they are responsible for the booming economy we are experiencing right now. But compared to what the Gipper did, the Bush tax cuts are miniscule.

Not only that, our elected representatives didn’t get in there and fight to cut taxes, they “hammered out a compromise bill” that expires in 2010. Can you imagine that? no tax instituted by Congress has ever been temporary in practice, yet they expect us to believe that these paltry little tax cuts would not have passed their majority controlled House and Senate without a compromise that phased them in over time and then eliminated them entirely?

Even slick Willie said we should “fix social security first.” For many years, we the people have known that Social Security is broken. Like a lame horse, it needed to be put out of its misery. Instead, President Bush tried to institute a plan whereby a paltry single-digit portion of your money becomes a self-directed investment. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? They could get a better rate of return out of a Dow Index fund.

But what did our Republican majority do? House speaker Denny Hastert, the Republican representative from the 14th district of Illinois told President Bush that his plan was too risky. To risky? are you out of your mind Denny? What kind of spineless rat does it take to be afraid to do the right thing for America?

In recent years, illegal immigration has been the hottest of hot buttons for the American public. Yet Tom Tancredo seems to be the only voice with the courage to speak the truth. The rest of our Republican majority does not have the spine to face up to the problem of illegal immigration.

Our borders to the south are overrun. The mexican government is actively encouraging its Citizens to invade our borders, and the mexican military regularly invades our borders to protect drug dealers.

The mexicans call it the “Reconquista” (see these pictures on Michelle to get an idea of what these invaders think of America and our culture). Yet our Republican majority did absolutely nothing of value to stop it. They were so afraid of the fringe minority wack jobs that they were cowed into submissive servitude. Oh, and before you go bringing up that ridiculous 700 mile fence…do you want to bet that IT never gets built?

They’ve long ago turned their back on America and the conservative base that sent them to power. President Bush and our (former) Republican majority have done absolutely nothing of value aside from the war on terror on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here at home, their domestic agenda reads like talking points from the DNC.

The Democrats are a known quantity, we know they want to:

  • raise taxes
  • eliminate gun ownership
  • eliminate unrestricted property rights (as a prelude to eliminating property rights altogether)
  • enlarge and centralize the power of the federal government
  • divert funding from the military to “invest” in social programs
  • subvert our national sovereignty in order to place more power with the UN
  • regulate every aspect of our lives, all the way down to the curriculum used to educate our children

You will NEVER hear about this in the media, and the Republican party probably won’t be able to connect the dots…and even if they could, I doubt they’ve got the courage to speak about it publicly, much less do anything about it. It wasn’t conservatism that was defeated in elections across the country yesterday, it was arrogance and cowardice; It was corruption and betrayal.

In referendums across these United States, conservatism won big at the ballot box; from restrictions on imminent domain to restrictions on gay marriage. The voters have not abandoned conservatism for liberal ideals. However, the alleged conservatives in Washington have abandoned the voters. For what? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask each one personally, though I doubt you’ll have an easy job of getting in touch with any of them. Now that they’ve weathered the election, I don’t think you’ll be getting much response.

But the big problem has been that our Republican majority ceased to be a majority years ago. They have acted like losers since about 1996. And when closet Democrats like John McCain joined the “gang of 14″ and stabbed us in the back, it was merely one of the final nails in the coffin of our Republican majority.

We can do the Wednesday morning quarterback thing and “what if” it to death. But the simple fact is, that the Republicans lost Congress because they abandoned conservative principles, turned their back on the voters, and became virtually indistinguishable from Democrats.

Now, the Democrats are in power, and Nancy Pelosi is going to rock your world.

God help us all.

Ron Jones
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