Andrew Cuomo Supports Nullification

This is Yuge! Andrew Cuomo, a far left nutbag supports nullification? Normally, the left reacts to the idea of nullification like a vampire to sunlight. Nullification? “What’s that” you ask… Simply put, nullification is the idea that (pursuant to article 7 of the Constitution for the united States) a State has a responsibility to protect her Citizens from intrusion, overreach, and oppression at the hands of a rapacious federal government.

I’ll let Tom Woods explain it:

But Andrew Cuomo is closer to Castro than to Constitutional liberty. What gives?

Well… it turns out that Cuomo is incensed that there are those in Congress who want to prevent the States from passing gun laws that are even more restrictive than federal gun laws (is that even possible?).

Of course, he won’t consider nullification in the Jeffersonian sense, because the concept is foreign to liberals and commies (but I repeat myself). But he Cuomo is threatening that “if they [fedgov] try to overrule the State of New York, we will sue.”

Andrew Cuomo is vile, a despicable thug. However I must concede that if I believe that the States are the source of Washington’s power, and are thus supreme in the relationship… then I also must grant that the people of New York should have the right to make any gun laws they choose.

My generation has grown up applying the incorporation doctrine, in which certain of the Bill of Rights apply to the States via the 14th Amendment. But this is a bad idea that will come back to bite us in the ass.

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