Socialism and Barack Obama

January 20th, marked the ascension of Raila Odinga’s cousin, B. Hussein Obama to the American throne. Obama’s presidency, itself a surreal conflux of leftist guerrilla forces, promises to bring “interesting times” indeed.

Mr. Obama, a Chicago politician with zero accomplishments, questionable associations, a mysteriously checkered background…a gas bag of empty rhetoric built around two words: ‘hope’ and ‘change’ managed to clinch the primaries from the Wicked Witch of New York. That alone should have been enough to shock the parlor Bolsheviks. But Mr. Obama happens to be half Kenyan (‘African’ for those who went to public school); which is enough to make him black for the purposes of Jesse Jackson & the poverty pimps.

Obama is the first presidential candidate in history who could play the race card with abandon and be free from any direct rebuttal of his laughably wrong-headed collectivist ideas about economics 101. All while simultaneously enjoying the verbal fellatio of brown-shirted democrat thugs like that fawning sportscaster and his sidekick. Like Chris Matthews, I too felt something running down my leg when I heard Mr. Obama spouting Marxist talking points that were disproved more than 80 years ago. Luckily, I was wearing my brown trousers that day.

”Vice president” Biden (pardon me while I giggle at that) must have been off his meds the day he all but admitted that Obama either doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, or is planning to betray us outright.

Obama’s Going to Change Things Alright…

I’m far less worried about terrorist plots than I am about Obama’s colossally stupid plan to rob from one group and give it to another group.

My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. If you’ve got a plumbing business, you’re gonna be better off if…you’re gonna be better off if you’ve got a whole bunch of customers who can afford to hire you, and right now everybody’s so pinched that business is bad for everybody and I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

No matter how you slice it, that’s stealing. It’s worse than that, it’s robbing me at gunpoint and taking food from my children in order to fund lifestyles I don’t support, for the purpose of buying votes from non-producers who vote as their told.

Bushco Doesn’t Get a Pass Either

Don’t think for a moment that I’m some partisan hack who thinks republican’s are right either. “W” was no picnic. He never met a spending bill he didn’t like. How many things did he veto?…ONE, that S-Chip thing. “W” spent more than any president in history.

That abortion of civil liberties we’ve come to lovingly refer to as the “usa patriot act,” complete with it’s “self-written search warrants” (i.e. national security letters) and the willful destruction of your liberty, should be enough to warrant “purges” of the elites who foisted this upon us.

In any liberty loving, civilized society, the grossly misnamed patriot act should have resulted in massive, violent backlash, followed by public executions on the mall.

The last straw for me was when “W” unilaterally decided to take the purse strings from Congress and hand out tax dollars to private companies. Who, (while I have no sympathy for them) got in the position in which they found themselves as a direct result of government intrusion, mandates & regulations…now the very same bunch of elected criminals who caused the problem, claim to have the ‘wisdom’ to “fix” the problem they themselves created. Follow the money!

Do you really think multinational corporations are conservative?

If you’re one of those useful idiots that believes the party line about corporate greed and conservatism going hand in hand…then you’re a sad, ignorant fool who cannot be helped.

If, however, you have always had the sneaking suspicion that you weren’t being told the truth, you need to read “The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money” by Timothy P. Carney. You’ll learn how politicians on both sides of the aisle have been robbing you blind for years.

Nothing Will Change…”Change” Means Nothing

The new gang of murderers and thieves (that is about to replace the old gang of murderers and thieves -with some overlap in the legislative branch) is not going to be any different, just more of the same…MUCH MORE.

Taxes will go up, spending will go up, deficits will go up, civil liberties will be trampled. Marines will continue to die needlessly in foreign wars. Regulations will squeeze ever more tightly around the throat of small business (which employs most of America). Worse, elected representatives will continue to arrogantly assert balderdash like the following:

  • All these problems are the result of “unbridled and unregulated” capitalism, so they must, of course, increase oversight.
  • “Yes We Can” …plan & direct the economy from Washington. A centrally planned economy is possible now with all of the advances in technology…and…it must be done.

Governments are criminal gangs writ large, who have a monopoly on theft and murder. They haven’t the brains to know that…“YOU CAN’T PLAN AN ECONOMY!!!”

Any attempt will be disastrous, always has, always will. All they’ll accomplish is more of the above, lather, rinse and repeat…The sad fact is that it will be your children who pay the price, not the “evil corporations and their overpaid CEO’s” and certainly not the politicians who caused it all.

Obama’s Dutiful Sycophants

Yesterday, the sportscaster was at it again with another of his panty-flinging paeans to communist ideology and to our Dear Leader.

…We compromised with the Trusts of the early 1900’s, and today we have corporations too big to let fail.

Keith Olbermann

Let’s just ignore the historical fact that “Trust Busting” by populist know-nothings was done at the behest of companies who weren’t smart or nimble enough to compete. So they lobbied their buddies in government to rig the system and hobble folks like John D. Rockefeller who had just brought the price of heating oil & kerosene down to an unprecedented level. Everyone could afford it.

John D. Rockefeller: not a good guy.

Old John D was a vile, wicked globalist. But he did sell my grandparents a good product at a price that they could afford.

This [the “trust busting” theatre] is as foolish and destructive as forcing a single mother on a limited budget to pay more for everything she buys because we “don’t like Walmart.”

Socialist at Heart

“Hey big spender”

Obama will be outspending “W” within his first six months. Trillions and TRILLIONS of additional dollars stolen from the mouths of YOUR children and grandchildren will be spent on vote-buying schemes designed to keep the ruling party in power for as long as possible. He’ll be buying votes from non-producing leeches, as well as filling the coffers of well-connected constituents in the form of corporate welfare.

Corporate Welfare is a “team effort”

Politicians direct government money to big corporations in the form of contracts, tax breaks, and concessions. Then the corporations turn around and make hefty contributions to the “tax exempt foundation” of each politician.

How do you think a politician can become a multi-millionaire on a politician’s salary?

We Got Exactly What We Asked For

Living at the expense of our neighbors

We Americans…claim to support “family values”…yet, we are actually nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.

George bernard shaw

By our own actions we have demonstrated that we view our own children with the vilest of contempt. It must be so, since we have demanded that our elected representatives give us “Bread and Circuses” and all free today. Yet we balk at the notion of a tax increase to pay for it. So, what are our elected representatives to do?

They want to get re-elected…So they borrow the money at interest from the federal reserve corporation (neither federal, nor possessing of any reserves). All so YOU can get your taxpayer funded retirement, taxpayer funded health care, taxpayer funded child care, taxpayer funded education, taxpayer subsidized home loans, taxpayer funded TV, taxpayer funded “art” and so on ad nauseum…

That money has got to be paid back someday, plus interest, along with the additional principal and interest on each successive years’ borrowing/spending/printing binge.

Why Americans Hate Their Children

Who’s picking up the tab?

We are going to happily hand our children and grandchildren the bill for our life of luxury. And they’ll be responsible for paying the price. The current $53 Trillion in unfunded liability for Medicare alone is worth more than the country itself. And that’s before we start counting the cost of ANY of this ‘bailout’ fiasco.

America is, in a word, insolvent. Our offspring will be serfs on the continent their forefathers conquered… sold into indentured servitude by their own parents…But at least you can stay in that house you bought for far more than you could afford. But at least you’ll get your Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits…after all, “you’re entitled.”

“They’re Paying for it. You Eat it.”

The children of the spoiled, rotten, “gimme generation” (that’s baby boomers, hippie freaks, entitlement brats, whatever you want to call them), plus assorted offspring of non-producing social loafers… could be excused for holding a grudge and stopping payment on your subsidy checks as a way of saying thanks for selling them into slavery.

Obama Will Get Richer, You Will Get Poorer

If I were a betting man, I’d lay 2:1 odds that within 10 years after Mr. Obama leaves office, his net worth will have exploded by significantly. Perhaps even more than the Horny Hick and his Bitch of Buchenwald have received (largely) from questionable middle-eastern associates.

What makes this comedy so dark is that all of the evils which are about to be visited upon the people of these once-great sovereign states will be called for enthusiastically by the victims; the citizens who will allegedly be the object of Mr. Obama’s “compassion.” We will plead for our own destruction, because freedom is just too much of a burden…because we crave the comfort and “security” of mindless distractions: violent sports, recreational drugs, and the thrill of our next sexual encounter. Bread and Circuses indeed.

“Spreading the Wealth” Leads to Starvation & Death

It is the earnest claim of all tyrants to represent the common good.

Robbing one group (the purportedly “privileged”) of the fruits of their labor, and giving it to the “poor and disenfranchised” is a convenient plot device that endears the mass-murdering politician to the ignorant masses…i.e. the support base he needs to carry out his blood-soaked plans for domination.

Taxes increase, civil liberties are trampled, property rights are eliminated, freedom of association is eliminated, privacy is invaded…it’s a predictable pattern…

The story always ends the same way: Mass graves, starvation, privation and madness are in our future. And it all started with the Constitution…a failure that has been relegated to something about as effective as John Wayne toilet paper.

Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.
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