What Does the Republican Party Stand For?

The Republican Party is Dead. Long Live Conservatism!

The GOP is broken, some say beyond repair. With each lost election, the after-action punditry among the party leadership seems fixated on the absurd notion that they’ve got to move to the left and broaden their appeal.

Not once have they stopped to absorb the simple truth that the Republican base is leaving in droves because of the party’s flagrant betrayal of conservative principles.

Will they ever do something about the failure of the last 20 years? i don’t hold out much ope. They’ve been infiltrated by the “neoconservative” fake-right, which is filled with big-government advocates, who make the fallacious claim that “I’m a fiscal conservative but a social liberal.”

Little things like Constitutionality and limited government are of critical import to a great many of the Republican base. After having been shunned and abused by the RNC, conservatives are feeling a bit like the battered wife.

A moderate, by any other name, is still a spineless, unprincipled, self-serving coward, who doesn’t have the courage to stand up for his beliefs.

We’re looking at John McCain and trying to come up with a reason to vote FOR him as opposed to voting against the Democrate nominee. And if the party elite have any doubts, they have but to look at the upcoming GOP Senate Massacre of ’08.

Who expects a President McCain to veto anything that the Democrat supermajority will send him?

Will Republican party leadership ever wake up and acknowledge their betrayal of conservative principles? Will they do something about the failures of the last 12 years?

I don’t hold out much hope. They’ve been infiltrated by the “neoconservative” fake-right which is filled with boys and girls who make the fallacious claim that “I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.”

What does it mean to be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal? These are the politicians on both sides of the aisle who are quick to brand themselves “moderate.”

A moderate, by any other name is still a spinless, unprincipled, self-serving coward who doesn’t have the courage to stand up for his convictions.

The party of Lincoln has been spanked by the voters because of their support of “moderate” positions like the following:

And that’s just the highlights reel from an average guy.

What happened to the GOP?

The Republican leadership has long been, at best, a rubber stamp for bad liberal policy; and, at worst, a willing collaborator in the wholesale destruction of conservative principles…and, by extension, America.

I constantly hear elected representatives use action verbs in reference to their work activities. And in any other profession, for any other employer, you would expect an employee to…well…take action.

Additionally, for some reason, it makes me shudder to hear what should be a conservative, speaking in the royal ‘we’ use terms like “enacted sweeping legislation,” “broad reform,” “bold new legislation” or other fuzzy euphemisms that, in the end, only mean more laws curtailing our freedoms.

It is my contention that more legislative activity is bad for America.

We need representatives who understand that when it comes to laws “less is more.” We don’t need more legislation, we need less. How about elected representation that will go to Washington and start reducing the number of laws on the books.

Imagine the exhilaration of free men across the America if the next crop of conservative freshmen show up in the chambers of both houses of Congress armed with shredders and red pens with the sole mission of eliminating any existing law that had even a whiff of unconstitutionality (I can dream can’t I?).

Where will the Republican Party go from here?

Instead, I predict that we’ll continue to get more of the same. A Republican party that is (for all intents and purposes) dead. A party leadership infected with the putrefying rot of socialism, compromise, and a lack of principle.

I’m going to predict now that when the GOP loses in November, they’ll do focus groups and studies, then conclude (harrumphing among themselves no doubt) that they lost both houses because they weren’t “progressive enough.”

I don’t know what the Republican party stands for anymore, but it sure isn’t the Constitution and limited government. I think it’s time to write off the Republican party, because she’s become irreparably damaged.

Are you a Whiner or a Doer?

Will Americans continue to do nothing but call and whine to their favorite talk show hosts? Or will they actually do something to preserve liberty for the sake of their children?

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