Domestic Violence Facts

All our lives, pop culture has assured us that men and masculinity are semi-literate brutes, who must be taught to curb their aggression… their “maleness,” lest they grow up and become… a rapist.

How have these ideas been taught? It is in the pop culture we so eagerly consume. Books, magazines, movies, music, and marketing, all reinforcing each other with circular support.

But is it true?

Domestic Violence in Pop Culture Myth

Why would anyone want to perpetrate such a horrendous lie?

As it turns out, rates of female to male perpetrated violence are higher (sometimes significantly so) than male to female perpetrated violence.

See Domestic Violence Research, facts and statistics page for the details.

Domestic Violence Videos

The video page of has several instructive titles.

Erin Pizzey – A History of the Domestic Violence Movement in the Western World

Murray Straus – 30 Years of Research on Partner Violence:
Denials and Distortions of the Evidence and What to do About it.

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