How to Kill a Dream

“A Bit of Coloured Ribbon” Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was an astute observer of the human condition. One of the keys to his success, was the understanding that men who were properly motivated, would scale extraordinary heights, and willingly risk their very lives to complete the mission. His army achieved military success on scale not seen since Alexander the Great conquered … Read more

More Papal Bull

Il Papa Says Church “Cleanses us of Sin” False prophet Francis the talking Jesuit is at it again, deceiving many with un-Biblical lies. In his mass of Thursday, 6 February 2014, he claimed: “…despite our sins, the Church cleanses us. She’s our mother.” pope Francis 1 The Bible is Truth, not Papal Edicts The Bible says it is the blood … Read more

Socialism and Barack Obama

January 20th, marked the ascension of Raila Odinga’s cousin, B. Hussein Obama to the American throne. Obama’s presidency, itself a surreal conflux of leftist guerrilla forces, promises to bring “interesting times” indeed. Mr. Obama, a Chicago politician with zero accomplishments, questionable associations, a mysteriously checkered background…a gas bag of empty rhetoric built around two words: ‘hope’ and ‘change’ managed to … Read more